Wisdom is a Woman

A poem

A bird's nest in an evergreen tree.
Photo by Luke Brugger / Unsplash

Wisdom is a woman
Who was a girl too
Once, she broke her wrist
Climbing the tallest tree.
Not to reach new heights, no
Rather to restore one fallen,
Fledgling, lost and shivering
To mother, red-breasted and anxious
But thankful.

Then Wisdom increased
Growing, she takes the lance
Of Truth, bright and terrible.
Exposed, she puts on ruddy plate
Of Prudence, a bulwark – courage
For her wandering zeal.
Growing, Wisdom learns to say
"No," she will not climb to climb.
Testing her will to will, and follow
When "no" is no, and "yes" is amen.
She will know.

One day, Wisdom wakes a woman
Bent and bright, brave but not
Unbroken – she listens.
Tried, and yet rising
Tireless and hope full, still
Desiring to will a Will

Rooted and reaching, Lady Wisdom, like you
Was a girl too, once.

I'm no poet, but I do like to take a break from prose and even more from arguments and propositions. This little lyric is inspired by passages from C.S. Lewis' "The Pilgrim's Regress," the Book of Proverbs, and my hopes for my daughter.

I suppose I'll have to get better aquainted with this lady if I'm to raise my little Lucy to be like her.

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