Patreon Announcement

Patreon Announcement

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform that helps creative folks build a support network for their work. It also makes it easy for creators to offer supporters extra perks in the form of tiered benefits.

Essentially, anyone can visit my website and see what I post for free. Supporters on Patreon—my patrons—will get access to exclusive content and benefits in exchange for their support.

Why patrons?

Because I value conversations, not clicks.

Also, I don't want our conversations to be dictated by ad conversion rates. I want to avoid the temptation to maximize clicks at the expense of my readers, the internet's original sin.

I have never hosted an ad on my site or activated the pop-up signup form. I even feel weird about posting affiliate links in reviews. A patron model avoids all that.

A patron model will allow me to treat my writing (and other work!) like a job I'm passionate about and not merely a hobby I enjoy. If this Patreon campaign is successful, I'll be able to write more essays and articles you want to read, share, and discuss. Healthy monthly support will make it possible for me to produce quality podcasts, too.

What can patrons expect?

If you honour me with your monthly support, you can look forward to a variety of different perks at different tiers.

  • My heartfelt thanks and a shoutout on the Stranger Still podcast (coming soon).
  • A subscription to my paid newsletter, Good Words.
  • Access to bonus podcast episodes and extended audio content.
  • Downloads of the sweet synth tunes you'll be hearing on Stranger Still, courtesy of my talented co-host, Zach Prater.
  • For locals, a standing invitation to get coffee, chat, and the opportunity to pitch me an article to write or podcast episode to produce.

The prospect of needing support is humbling. I've always wanted to 'make it' in publishing, and I will continue to write for publication elsewhere. But, much more than "success," I want to do good work; I believe patrons will help me do that. Support will make it possible for me to experiment with different styles and formats, and will also create what I hope will be an engaged community.

The internet could be a much better place for discussion, debate and discovery. So I'm going to try and do something about it—because the internet certainly isn't going anywhere.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!

Please feel free to send this post with someone you think would be interested in my writing or podcast. Of course, you could always just let the algorithms do their thing and share online wherever you'd like.

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